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Drama Response Thatjohnnyguy

Posted by Arnozi - September 21st, 2023

We will both be responding in kind to the recent allegations because apparently two High Schoolers dating without nudes and sex is apparently is pedophilia.

We will also be reveling more things that Johnny doesn't want you to know, and that completely contradicts him changing.


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preach brotha preach

I don't think you should have to explain yourself at this point. Johnny has dug his own hole and needs to just lay in it. You were within 2 years of each other. As long as you didn't possess nudes of her, you are legally just fine. I owe you an apology for assuming what half of the year your birth could have fallen and your intentions in getting with her. I projected my own experience as a teenager with older men on the internet onto you and further misunderstood why you were not named earlier in the document when you were talked about, if you were a coauthor.

As for Johnny, the screenshots are all there, legally he's already screwed himself by loudly admitting what he did and then threatening to sue, and giving out more and more information, then redacting it.

You've got a great case. The only item he can contest is grooming, which by definition would be him as the initiator of all sex acts, due to her interactions. However, Grooming or no grooming, you can still bring him up on charges.

The best thing you can do legally and for your girlfriend is stop trying to respond to all the claims and redact the document to reflect only the relevant information, which is Johnny sexting her and sending his penis, the scope of the relationship time wise, and him continuing to interact and send money. That is an ironclad pedophilia case.

Edit: I think your doc was reported. I hope you still have everything

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7WVq7yZAymMbJy0xYw5go2bP33LDAYoDLxR7AOcd0Y/edit?usp=sharing ITS ALL GOOD JOHNNY TOOK DOWN MY OG DOCUMENT AND HIS OWN LMAO ALL JUST BECAUSE HE SAW AMI GO AFK.

@Arnozi I only came here to tell you that I'm deeply sorry you and your partner had to write this, and to thank you for exposing the lying bastard I thought I knew, as well as calling me to account for my actions.

You are perfectly justified to make any and all assumptions about me as a person and my intentions based on what has transpired, and I accept full responsibility for allowing my friendship with Johnny to drag you and your girlfriend on a wild goose chase of writing an absolute novel to demonstrate he is in fact a shameless groomer, pedophile, and complete waste of space, which you shouldn't have had to do or been made to feel was necessary, when the dick pic itself is already a crime. For my part in that, there is no apology that is big enough, and you don't have to acknowledge or respond to it.

Johnny is now deleted his posts and is once again trying to garner sympathy with a bullshit series of I'm sorry texts likely advised by a lawyer, and I'm sorry I ever believed he WASN'T a complete monster. I've linked your document to my original response with a brief summary and appended what else he has done, removed my folder from Google drive, and will let it all sit, so that anyone who reads it knows what kind of person he really is. The kind who destroys lives, drags kids into sex dungeons, and is willing to throw even his closest friends under the bus to save his image. Baffling, considering nothing can and nothing will scratch the surface of getting him out of trouble.